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Monday, December 18, 2017

Embassy alerts Nepalis on trafficking trend via Thailand

December 20, 2016


KATHMANDU. While Sri Lanka is being used as transit by traffickers, it has come to light that Thailand too sees an increased number of fraudsters tricking Nepalis.

The Embassy of Nepal in Thailand has said there is an increasing trend of Nepalis being duped in the foreign land.

It reveals that Nepalis are first brought to Thailand where fraudsters provide them with the visas of the countries including the United States, Australia, Canada and South Korea. The foreign job aspirants are then asked to overstay on the pretext of further process.

Once their legal stay in the country gets over, their information is shared with the authorities who arrest them, the embassy said in a statement. Even if they are not arrested, the fraudsters send them to the nearby countries of Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia, assuring them that they can renew their visa to Thailand. However, the victims do not acquire the visa and are left in the lurch until they return to Nepal losing all their money.

The embassy said since the fraudsters do not reveal their original name and place of stay, it is the victims who are arrested and subjected to legal hassles.

Apart from Thailand, such frauds are being reported from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, the embassy states. It has urged the people to keep in touch with embassy officials and get all the relevant information while processing for travel to another country.

The Kathmandu Post, 20th Dec 2016, 4.00

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